Training & Workshops

Connecting Cultures provides presentations and trainings on communication and work in diverse and multicultural environments. Our services range from two-hour presentations to two-day programs for audiences of five to 500. We provide training for community leaders, students, educators, host families, law enforcement officers, military personnel, government workers, corporate executives, managers, and even other trainers. Learn more about the organizations and agencies which have benefited from us by reviewing our Client List.

Connecting Cultures also offers training that focuses on these timely concerns:

Doing Business in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and other Arab countries.

Multicultural Customer Service

Global Leadership

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Cross-cultural Consulting

Connecting Cultures can help you respond to a specific question or cross-cultural challenge or real life situation or dilemma needing a response. Perhaps you are developing a training and want to be certain it sufficiently is applying an intercultural perspective or you have a request for accommodation that you aren’t sure how to respond.

Training Tools & Resources

We have developed a range of tools and resources to complement our trainings and your learning. We also have developed online courses on intercultural communication.

Training Video

Law Enforcement training video produced by Connecting Cultures "The First Three to Five Seconds" - Law Enforcement Roll Call Training Video on Arab and Muslim Cultural Awareness on how to be culturally proficient and most effectively interface with Arab Americans and American Muslims.

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Building Cultural Competency: Communicating, Working, and Building Relations with Iraqis allows the reader to easily reference information on Iraqi history, Islam, verbal and nonverbal methods of communicating, as well as other pertinent information on interacting with Iraqis. There is nothing more mission-critical than understanding local culture for our soldiers, diplomats and other Americans.

(Sold and distributed to thousands of US Marines, Army, MI National Guard, Police Trainers and Department of State Diplomats)

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