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Islam & Muslims | top
An educational resource on the Prophet Muhammad and how his life impacted history. Includes an available documentary film, discussion guide and other learning tools on both the Prophet and Islam.
The Islamic Society for North America, an association of Muslim organizations and individuals to present Islam and foster positive relations.
Convened by the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project, this bipartisan leadership group enhances U.S. and international security, while improving U.S.-Muslim relations. The Project will disseminate a new, multi-faceted strategy in order to impact American public opinion and government policies, while stimulating effective public and private action.
Website Founder Arsalan Iftikhar is an international human rights lawyer and Contributing Editor for Islamica magazine. A regular weekly contributor to National Public Radio (NPR), he can be heard on the Barbershop segment show ‘Tell Me More’ with Michel Martin. His is a voice that speaks to justice, equality and accountability across principles.
An organization dedicated to the study of Islamic and democratic political thought.
Learn more about Moderate vs. Extremists views gathered by the Gallup Poll of the Muslim World. Writing includes a range of issues concerning democracy, women’s rights, extremism and other pertinent concerns.
Muslims which denounce extremism and terrorism.

Muslim Responses to Extremisim | top
Muslims denounce extremism and terrorism.
Islamic statements against terrorism.
A massive compilation of testimonies, articles, and interviews from Muslim leaders, scholars, and individuals who denounce terrorism.


Arab Americans | top
An organization representing the interests of Arab Americans, as well as views of Arab history and famous Arab Americans.
A resource for intellectual exchange related to Middle East, Arab and Islamic issues.
The Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military (APAAM) is an organization to represent and inform the public of Arab- Americans in the military.

Muslim & Arab Women | top
Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights is a charitable, educational organization that focuses on the domestic and global issues of human rights for Muslims. KARAMAH researches, educates, and advocates in human rights matters pertaining to Islam and Muslim women, as well as civil and other rights related to the Constitution of the United States.
A magazine that presents the issues, accomplishments and interests of Muslim women in North America.

Resources for Teaching on Islam | top  

Turning Park51 into a Teachable Moment
An excellent resource for teachers seeking to turn Park51 into a lesson on religious diversity. The site provides a curriculum guide, fact sheets, films, articles, and other resources geared towards teaching and discussing religious freedom and tolerance.
Outstanding resources on learning and teaching about Islam and religion.
A multimedia effort to gain a clearer understanding of Islam and Muslims. The project includes two PBS documentaries, a vibrant community engagement campaign, and an ambitious educational program, including an American Muslim Teen Talk video.
Professional programs for teachers to inform on Islam and the Arab world.
A Magazine on Arab and Islamic art, culture, people and history. Request a free subscription with your address to:
Box 469008
Escondido, CA 92046-9008

Resources for Parents and Kids | top
A website for parents providing articles, activities, and advice on raising multicultural, globally aware, and tolerant children. A key resource for any parent seeking to increase their child’s understanding and acceptance of the world.
A fun, interactive website with games, videos and more! Panwapa helps children accept diversity by connecting to the lives of children in other countries, exploring other languages, and creating multicultural characters and homes.
Get ideas for stories, songs, activities and games related to Arabic and Muslim culture

Religious Diversity | top
Visit here to learn about the realities of religious diversity through research, outreach, and the active dissemination of resources.
Find resources for dismantling bigotry and creating respectful, inclusive, diversity-valuing schools and communities.
Find resources and read testimonies on overcoming religious intolerance.

Workplace and Business| top  

Employment Discrimination
Information on employment discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, or country of origin.  Explanations on how anger at those responsible for the tragic events of September 11 should not be misdirected against innocent individuals because of religion, ethnicity, or country of origin. Employers and labor unions have a special role in guarding against unlawful workplace discrimination.
A website enlisting the U.S. business community to improve the standing of America in the world, and reinstate America as an admirable, prosperous global leader.

Workplace and Business| top
A website dedicated to providing the tools and support for workers of diverse-abilities. An excellent resource for job-seekers and companies looking to hire.
An organization which supports diversity in all areas of life. The group supplies resources, consulting services, and volunteer programs to promote tolerance, equality, and education.
An excellent website providing information for diverse-ability people, including federal laws, technology, scholarships, employment, and other imperative concerns.
A non-profit organization that empowers diverse-ability people towards independence, through expert training and research. Includes various institutes, research centers, and corporations.
The Job Accommodation Network answers questions for employers, job-seekers, and individuals on disability accommodations, while providing research and news publications for informative reading.

Enforcement Guidance: Disability Accommodation
A guidance document on the regulations surrounding accommodations under the ADA; an excellent handbook for employers and employees alike.

What Can You Do: Toolkit
A collaboration between multiple organizations, seeking to provide the tools, skills, and opportunities to improve disability employment rates.

National Business and Disability Council
The NBDC is a partner organization to Abilities. It provides a range of resources , from libraries to specialists, aimed at inspiring employers to support the hiring of diverse-ability people.

Resources to Act and Get Involved | top
20,000 Dialogues is a nationwide campaign designed to bring people of different faiths together. They use films about Muslims to stimulate discussion and promote religious understanding. They bring the concept of interfaith dialogue into the hands of ordinary people, who want to make a positive difference.
This site offers an interactive experience where users – Muslim and non-Muslim alike – can meet neighbors, learn about Islam, and apply techniques of interfaith interactions to local communities. The site provides tools for educators, religious leaders and individuals concerned about building bridges of cultural and religious understanding .
A non-profit organization that facilitates meaningful communication between students all over the world. By connecting students through web-conferencing, Soliya encourages discussion and cross-cultural acceptance.
America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization that strengthens mutual understanding and cooperation between Americans and the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa.
An organization on a mission to promote citizen diplomacy and establish a network for citizen diplomats. Lear how to build bridges across cultures and create mutually beneficial relationships through international exchange.
A global news site, Crescent Post is dedicated to bringing information on current events, opinions, culture and politics to and about diverse Muslims all over the world.
The Cultural Compass specializes in training and assessment tools aimed at helping the common man identify their own cultural profile. It also provides crucial information on successful, global business behaviors.
An organization dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the skills to advance reconciliation and coexistence.
An organization mobilizing women in conflict or post-conflict environments to change and improve their lives through a holistic approach, which addresses their unique needs
An organization that reinforces Islam as a peaceful faith, supporting the international tolerance and harmonious co-existence of Muslims in non-Muslim communities. The organization conveys that the majority of Muslims do not support the rise in terrorism, and seek to deny Muslims the opportunity for terrorist activity involvement.

Media Resources | top  

The Queen Rania of Jordan’s effort to dispel the misperceptions of Muslims and Arabs.

What Arab Women Are Up To
An essential video showing the great diversity of Arab women.
Watch the films submitted to, Stories not Stereotypes, a film contest documenting  the stories of American-Muslim, struggling to break away from stereotypes.
An organization providing high-quality films for worldwide broadcast and long-term educational campaign. UPF’s mission is to increase understanding and dialogue among the world’s spiritual and cultural traditions.
A range of high quality videos and films about political, social, historical and contemporary issues related to Arab peoples. Produced by Arab filmmakers.


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