Recognizing that cultural competency, the awareness, knowledge and skills to communicate across diverse and multicultural settings is essential. More than ever, building relations through cultural understanding is an imperative to enhance your effectiveness and sustainability. The impressions you make and success you reach is founded upon mastery of your cultural capabilities for international assignments and in diverse settings.

Connecting Cultures helps you examine and understand how to explore the dynamics of cultural and religious diversity and its influence on the way you communicate and interact, live and work. Have you struggled to answer questions like these?

What is the safe way to talk about diversity and religion?

How should we respond to requests for religious accommodations, such as time for prayer, requests for holiday leave, or permission to wear religious head coverings?

How can I be certain to communicate effectively and not cause offense when in another country or in within my multicultural classroom or office?

How can I be sure the designs or imagery I use in my publications or products are respectful and not insulting?

Connecting Cultures helps you answer these questions by offering trainings and workshops to promote cultural competency and religious diversity. Connecting Cultures is uniquely equipped to provide these trainings, specializing in American and Arab cultures, Islam, and the people of the Middle East.


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If we all loved each other
Wouldn’t it be a lovely sight?
Red and yellow, black and white
If we did not care what religion one had
The world wouldn’t be cruel
And no one would be sad
If we replaced hatred with love and
Joined our hands together
Everyone would be happy and that
Day would be remembered forever
If there were no guns and knives
There would be happiness from
Door to Door
If people would not judge one by
What one is instead by whom one is
It would be more amazing than the
Invention of light
If there was peace among the world
Wouldn’t that be a lovely sight?

- Zakaria Ismail Kronemer, 2004
- 6th grade

GSA Contract Holder