Welcome to Connecting Cultures, located in the heart of the Washington, D.C. metro area. President Lobna "Luby" Ismail is the founder and driving force behind Connecting Cultures.

An American-born Muslim woman of Egyptian descent, I understand the complexity of living between differing cultures and faiths. As the daughter of immigrants living in a small southern Christian community, I served as the unofficial ambassador between those of different races, cultures and faiths. I used my life's passion and convictions to found Connecting Cultures. Over two decades, I have trained individuals, institutions, corporations and communities to employ bridge-building and cross-cultural competence, both nationally and internationally.

My latest work is based on my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Acquiring a disability is like living in a new "culture." I have had to adapt and learn to live, work and move in a range of alternative and diverse ways. For the past year, I have conducted training titled: Disability to Diverse-Ability: Building a Disability Inclusive Work Environment.

Regardless of the dimension of identity, to effectively engage across cultures, religions, races, generations and abilities, you must recognize a multitude of complex factors. Remember, every encounter is a cultural encounter – by realizing this, you begin to reach your full potential towards success.


Lobna "Luby" Ismail

My work with the U.S. Department of Justice continues training law enforcement officers, educators, and community leaders to dispel the misperceptions of and effectively engage with American Muslims.  I most recently presented to 100 US Attorneys, introduced by the Attorney General Eric Holder.  Watch the film, First 3 to 5 Minutes; I produced this training video for law enforcement officers.

Visit My Fellow American and hear the stories of American Muslims, like myself.  Check out America's Unofficial Ambassadors, an organization dedicated to improving relations by sending American volunteers to Muslim countries.  To learn about other opportunities, visit our Learn & Act section

Film and social media are powerful influences on how we think, perceive and influence our world.  As we witness the power of Arabs and North Africans protesting for freedom, equality, justice and democracy, hear this Egyptian woman's message, which helped spark the Egyptian revolution: Asma Mahfouz.  

Lastly, watch the award-winning Stories Not Stereotypes video, "A Land Called Paradise" on what American Muslims want the world to know.

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You were created as
different nations and tribes,
Not that you should
despise one another,
But that you should
know one another.”

- Holy Quran, Sura 49

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